First Responder Training

The First Responder Safety Training program aims to reduce the risks taken by first responders when responding to an incident involving electrified vehicles (EVs). These vehicles have been steadily increasing in population since 2009. The curriculum includes detailed coverage on dealing with response challenges posed by various types of electrified vehicles including: Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles, and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Class Summary

An 80-hour hands-on training program that looks to elevate a first responders understanding of plug-in electric vehicle technology, helping to mitigate the risk of injury when these vehicles are encountered at an accident scene.


When a battery electric vehicle is involved in an accident, there may be damage incurred to high voltage cables and components. This course covers the standard operating procedures (SOP) for mitigating the dangers of the high voltage system during occupant extrication and Lithium Ion battery fires. Lithium battery fires require specialized procedures for fast, safe suppression.


Sun Country Academy instructors are electric vehicle experts and possess the education, training, and experience necessary to expose and solve the challenges faced by first responders when dealing with a battery electric vehicle under dangerous and volatile conditions. In short, we have the expertise.


There were 10.6 million electric vehicle sales globally in 2022. These vehicles pose new challenges and risks to first responders who may not be familiar with the technology. The all-new power-train systems employ large lithium-ion battery packs, powering 3-phase AC electric motors delivering up to 600 HP, and high-power electronics operating at over 400 Volts.

What we do

Sun Country Academy was developed and designed to ensure the safety of EV drivers, first responders, mechanics and the general public.

Delivered by traditional in class and on-site training, as well as web based/online format, we have established the first certification in the safe handling of Electric Vehicles in the World.