Academy provides training programs developed and designed to ensure the safety of EV drivers, first responders, mechanics and the general public.



Auto industry experts estimate that there will be well over 3.5 million EVs driving North American roadways by 2020. The industry is seeking qualified technicians to safely and effectively diagnose, and repair these all-new power-train systems. Systems that employ large, lithium-ion battery packs powering 3-phase AC electric motors that deliver up to 600 HP, all controlled by high-power electronics which operate at over 400 Volts.


The BYD K9M All-Electric transit bus is increasing in popularity across many North American cities. There is a need for technicians and bus shops wishing to specialize in the diagnosis and repair of the BYD bus’ unique, heavy-duty electric power-train, LiFePO4 battery and thermal management systems, ancillary systems including regenerative air-brakes, HVAC systems, electric power assisted steering system, and 500V 3-phase AC fast charging system.


Sun Country Academy instructors have the electric vehicle experience and training necessary to create the next generation of automotive technicians. After taking the program, technicians will be able to seamlessly and safely diagnosis and repair ANY and EVERY electrified vehicle by using factory tools, specialized software, and highvoltage equipment. In short, we have the EV expertise.

Receive hands-on electric vehicle training from our staff of highly experienced and factory trained instructors


80 hours (10-days) of specialized and comprehensive hands-on training on the this innovative electric bus. Training includes the use of BYD service information and factory specialized tools necessary to effectively and safely service the K9M all-electric bus.

  • An introduction to the BYD K9M bus
  • Vehicle walk-around and features exposure Generic electric vehicle safety
  • BYD safety protocols
  • Jacking and hoisting the K9M bus
  • Technical walk-around and major component introductions and locations
  • High Voltage System Disabling
  • Lithium Ferrous Oxide Battery packs
  • Bidirectional “Vehicle to Grid” Inverters
  • DCDC Conversion (24V Charging)
  • Electrical Architecture and CAN bus
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • HVAC System (High Voltage)
  • In-Wheel Electric Motor Drive 500V
  • 3-phase AC Charging System
  • BYD Service Information System
  • BYD scan tool interface
  • BYD Diagnostic Strategy Reflashing
  • BYD control modules
  • Hand’s On Diagnostic Case Studies


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